Surf Ski Lessons and Coaching

Complete Beginners to Experienced Paddlers

Surf Ski paddling is a fast growing, dynamic paddle sport which is well suited to the local waters and warm climates of South East Asia. Whether you are a serious competitor or just want to get out on the water and explore the beautiful Hong Kong coastline and islands, we can assist you.

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The famous Molokai, definitely a bucket list event. 

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We supply a range of high quality surf ski related products to elite competitors, complete novices and everyone else in between.

From our base in Stanley you can try a full range of Fenn skis.

Test different paddles to get a feel of which ski/paddle combination works best for you.

We stock a full range of associated accessories to make your paddling safe and fun.

Check out our Upcoming Events calendar for Demo days, group training sessions and races.